Tare Restaurant

Site development


Build a responsive CMS-editable website for an independent Bristol-based restaurant.


Working in close collaboration with the designer on the project, the structure of the site was mapped out to best deliver the client's core content requirements, whilst presenting information in a clear and logical way to the end user.

A responsive WordPress website was developed to help promote the restaurant's new opening and showcase its food offering. Developing a bespoke WordPress theme allowed the CMS to be completely tailored to the client's content, creating a flexible structure for them to quickly and easily customise the site in the future.

The e-Restaurant booking app was integrated into the website, allowing users to make real-time online reservations and providing a bridge to the client's booking management software.


Creating a bespoke CMS that allowed the client to add new content blocks required careful planning. Working out what areas of the site were likely to change as the business needs evolve required close communication with the client.


A responsive highly-customisable website that raised awareness of the new restaurant and helped secure multiple bookings prior to opening.

Introduction page, registration page and payment page

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