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Site development


Scope, design and build a responsive, user-friendly and accessible website, for a international UX, design and IA conference.


The scope of the site was defined and translated into a HTML5 prototype, utilising a mobile-first CSS3 approach. The prototype helped the client quickly understand how the 'story' of the site could be conveyed through its structure and content, and also how any interactions would function across different devices.

Brand guidelines provided by the client were translated into a visual design that represented the ethos of the event. Following asset prep and integration, the site was developed further to include latest technical SEO solutions, site speed performance enhancements (including sever-side configuration), and set up of marketing-related measurements.


The site is supported in legacy browsers (including IE7 and IE8), conforms to Level AA of the WC3 WCAG Accessibility Guidelines, and functions with Javascript disabled. Persistence, commitment and self-motivation were key drivers behind honing a skill in these areas and delivering usable product for a diverse range of audiences.


A responsive website that raises the profile of the conference, conveys its key messages in a way that is clear, usable and accessible, and provides a platform to drive ticket sales.

Speakers section, speaker page and tickets section

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