BMW Motorrad

Site development


Build a responsive website for an international brand with multi-dealership personalisation to showcase the launch of a new product range.


Using a mobile-first approach, a responsive website was developed within Wordpress. This provided the client with an intuitive back-end interface to modify page content on each of the bespoke page templates. To deliver a more personalised and relevant experience for the end-user, core content on the site was dynamically generated using PHP, and tailored to local dealerships.

Utilising full-width HTML video and imagery, CSS3 and JQuery animation, and custom JavaScript functionality, an on-site experience has been crafted which reflects the quality, prestige and innovation this premium brand represents.


As a user’s viewport size changes across different devices, so does the way in which they interact and engage with content. The use of video and animation was therefore tailored to account for these varying needs and to help deliver the most appropriate cross-device experience.


A responsive website that elegantly displays a new product range for a world-class brand. Fully editable by in-house content editors, the BMW team have a flexible platform from which to conduct a marketing strategy for this new range.

Bike detail page, bike gallery page

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