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Design and build a responsive event booking system for an international driving event, hosted by a luxury automotive brand.


The end-to-end user journey of event attendees was mapped out; from invite to booking confirmation. This helped us to define the required inputs and outputs of the system, as well as the structure of the booking process itself. The journey variation between different user groups meant it was essential that the registration content was tailored to keep the process feeling short and streamlined, whilst still capturing all the required information.

Using WordPress, a password-protected microsite was developed as a personalised hub for invitees to learn more about the event, register their details and make payment. Developing in WordPress enabled us to harness the template and CMS editing capabilities of the platform, reducing development time and improving workflow.

PayPal was integrated to take payment, and customised to provide comprehensive back-end reporting and automatically send personalised confirmation emails to users post-payment.


The variation in different users' needs from the booking system was vast and wide ranging. Delivering an optimal experience required complex conditional logic to keep the process streamlined. Acute attention to detail and thorough testing helped ensure the logic was robust and content was tailored.


A responsive event booking system that has transformed an existing offline process into a user-centred and automated digital experience.

Introduction page, registration page and payment page

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