Rolls Royce

Banner development


Deliver a set of rich media HTML5 banner ads for a luxury automotive brand, as part of a wider digital campaign to promote a new car model.


A set of banners were developed using Google’s DoubleClick Studio ad technology. Each used a mixture of HTML video and content to create a rich and engaging ad experience.

Developing the banners involved working in close collaboration with design and copywriting teams to define animations and timings between banner frames. The project also required an in-depth understanding of DoubleClick Studio publishing guidelines, including becoming a Studio QA Certified Developer, to help ensure that the ads were of high quality and performance.


Publishing the ads through the QA process required a rigorous approach to testing, and in-depth knowledge of the DoubleClick Studio framework.


A set of rich media ads that engage and inform users about the new product, reinforce the brand value, and help generate new leads for product sales.

Selection of banners
Banners in situ

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