Experience modelling


Research, analyse and model students' experience of applying for university, as co-author of a whitepaper focusing on education and online experience.


Extensive insights gathering was conducted with different students - ranging from college students to post-graduates. The research provided an understanding of the holistic experience of being a student, before drilling deeper and identifying areas students could be better supported online. Information needs and sources were mapped along a linear user journey - from deciding to study to graduation. Emotion and support levels were overlaid across the model to help build a picture of decision making processes at the different stages of study.


The research included a broad range of different students, each with differing online needs and goals. It was essential to target their online area in most need, in order to draw meaningful conclusions and actionable next steps.


The experience model was digitalised and helped frame recommendations for the education sector on providing a better online student experience. An iterative 'test > refine' process of design and testing validated the model and formed an in-depth whitepaper. It was sent to hundreds of UK and international universities, helping to inform their digital strategies for better supporting students' decision processes.

Uni selection decision-making cycle
Frictions points and reccomendations in uni selection decision-making cycle

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