Persona development


Translate existing user and market research into tangible audience archetypes, for a nationwide winter health campaign for a major government health service.


A stakeholder workshop was conducted to gather any existing user insight the client could provide. This was supplemented by independent research to frame the findings within the context of relevant health behaviour models.

We defined and designed a persona template, surfacing key traits across each target audience group. Each persona focused on highlighting key user needs, online goals, behaviour motivators, anxieties and attitudes towards healthcare.


The timeframes on the project were exceptionally tight, so it was critical to work closely with client and other team members to get things right first time.


Information on each audience type was presented in a clear and visually appealing design, which made the personas easy to read and to engage with. The personas were extremely successful in truly representing key audience types and went on to be instrumental in informing the direction of the overall campaign.

Persona designs
Persona designs

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