Email & banner development


Deliver a set of responsive emails and animated HTML5 banners, as part of a dynamic digital campaign for a multinational car manufacturer.


In representing a luxury brand, it was paramount that an optimum experience was created throughout the campaign. The email template was built responsively, and used advanced email development techniques to ensure it worked seamlessly across typically challenging email clients; including Lotus Notes 8+, Outlook 2000+, and Gmail.

A modular HTML approach created a concise and clear code structure for the email template. Dynamic tags were included so the email could pulled through personalised data when uploaded into the email broadcast system.

With high-profile ad space obtained, the client were keen to maximise the potential reach of each advert. JQuery and CSS3 transitions created eye-catching animations, whilst geolocation and temperature APIs were integrated to ensure the ads delivered targeted content to key audience groups.


Limited styling support across different mobile, desktop and web-based email clients presents certain challenges in building for older email systems. An in-depth understanding of the capabilities of each email client, close collaboration with the visual designer of the template, and thorough Litmus testing helped us to produce a seamless and premier experience for different users groups.


In representing the ethos that goes with a luxury brand such as Jaguar, it was vital that a seamless experience was created across the digital campaign. Dynamic content working responsively formed a personalised and targeted experience, driving engagement and boosting click-through.

Selection of emails
Selection of banners

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