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Wireframe prototyping


Deliver a digital campaign for a global FMCG organisation, to raise awareness of vitamin D deficiency in children.


A microsite was scoped and defined, which pulled through the campaign's key messages into a story. To motivate behavioural change, the messaging focused on the 'what', 'why' and 'how' parents can help increase vitamin D levels in their children. To supplement the site, an online tool was produced to help parents check their children's levels of vitamin D, and provide practical tips and advice on increasing nutrients in food.


The content of the campaign needed to adhere to strict regulatory and compliance procedures around providing food advice. It needed to be simple to use and quick to read, whilst also adhering to each compliance requirement.


Clikckable wireframes were produced to help visualise how the concept might work. The interactive nature of the wireframes helped to quickly bring the idea to life, and supported a collaborative cross-team working environment to help quickly satisfy each requirement.

wireframe prototype steps 1 and 2
wireframe prototype steps 3 and 4

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